Christmas Eve Walk in the Woods


Christmas Eve was such a nice day here on the homestead. The weather held steady even though we were expecting a storm. Of course the impending storm delayed our Christmas plans (we go to the husband’s mother’s house for holidays). So we decided to stick close to home. We went to the grocery store in town (not the best store but will work in a pinch). We decided on pork loin roast, butternut squash, potatoes, carrots, onions, cranberry orange sauce, and brussel sprouts. Blueberry pie and vanilla ice cream for dessert. Yes, it’s just the two of us! We have no idea how to cook for just two. After we got back from the store, we went for a walk to look for princess pines. I’ve been watching so many people on instagram using foraged items for their crafting. I just have to jump on the bandwagon! So princess pine wreaths it is. We took Anna Lee with us and let her off lead for the first time in the woods. She did really well! We have to take treats in order to get her to listen and come when called. Baby steps. You’ll notice her in the first picture. She’s getting excited. In the third picture you’ll notice how she really is! She loves to hold her leash in her mouth when she is running. She does this to me as well when we are actually running. The rest of the pics are things I saw along the way. I’ll post the pic of the finished wreath when I get it finished. I’m leaving for TN in a couple of days so I’ll have to get the wreath done before then. The husband is staying behind to take care of the menagerie of animals. Merry Christmas everyone!

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