Meet Anna Lee and Bobby Jack


Meet the main characters at the homestead (other than the chickens but we’ll get to them soon!). Anna Lee is our lab/whippet mix rescue dog. She is about 2 years old. We rescued her from a local no-kill shelter when she was 12 weeks old. This particular shelter works with rescue organizations in high-kill shelter areas. Anna Lee is from Kentucky originally, which is just fine with me, me being from TN. Bobby Jack is our rescue domestic short-hair kitty. Bobby has been through the ringer. He just recently had all his teeth extracted due to an autoimmune disease where his body attacks the plaque on his teeth. We’ve had Bobby for over 2 years. He’s always been feisty but boy he’s really feisty now that his teeth have been extracted! It’s like he feels good and he’s making up for lost time. He loves to eat now too. He’s not yet on hard food but he loves tuna. He also loves to hunt for mice. He’s pretty good at it too. Anna Lee will lend him a hand with hunting. We laugh because we think Anna thinks she is a cat. She was smaller than Bobby when we first brought her home so we think she identified with him and now thinks she’s a cat. Anna Lee and Bobby Jack also like snuggles and food. They are the perfect addition to our lives and our homestead.

2 thoughts on “Meet Anna Lee and Bobby Jack

    1. Bobby Jack is doing great! He is eating. A lot. Which didn’t happen before his surgery. Thank you for asking! I’m not sure what’s going on with insta… I can never figure social media out. Here’s a direct link:

      I am admittedly new to blogging so i’ll double check that my links are working.

      Have a very Happy New Year. Happy knitting too!


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