Christmas 2017

Morning Sky


Couldn’t wait any longer


Since we moved for the winter, I didn’t bring any of our seasonal decorations. While this is really hard (I love to decorate!), it’s really okay. We haven’t had a tree in a couple of years since we have such an active dog and cat (have I mentioned how feisty the cat is now??). We spent Christmas Eve walking through the woods collecting princess pines for wreath making and then Christmas day dawned cold and snowy. So we stayed local for both Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Hopefully by next year we’ll be settled and I can pull out all the stops for our decorating. We did help out at church cooking dinner for drop offs to those in need. I worked at the liquor store (where I work part time) on Friday evening. I love working there. The girls there are super nice. I love them both! Then I attended Christmas Eve service at our church. Even though it was low key, it was such a nice holiday. In years past I’ve been working and stressed to get everything done and run around. I haven’t attended church anywhere for about 5 years so it’s nice to find a local church that is active in the community. And my little part time job adds just enough for me to get out of the house and have some extra spending money. I’ve been doing some social media stuff for them too and that’s been fun. Taking pictures, editing, and then posting something witty or clever! The above photos of decorations are from my mother-in-laws house where we went the day after Christmas. They always have nice decorations for the holidays. I hope you had a very nice holiday too.

One thought on “Christmas 2017

  1. I love seing the chickens and am an avid knitter so I like seeing that too. How is your kitty doing without his teeth? I have tried to follow your instagram but haven’t had any luck. Thanks and Happy Holidays!!!!

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