TN Part 1


Just a few photos from my trip to TN. We’ve been to Cruze Farm for ice cream twice (with one more trip planned for today). I love places like Cruze Farm. They are small town minded, even though Knoxville isn’t a necessarily a small town. They started with a dairy farm and then expanded into ice cream. All the people who work for them are just nice. And of course the red and white gingham theme doesn’t hurt either! I fangirl every time I visit. And take lots of pictures.

We had our Christmas dinner last night. I have three nephews (you can see each of their personalities in the photos above). I think they had fun. I’ve taken the two youngest nephews for ice cream. The oldest one is going today. I try to spend one-on-one time with them when I visit. I also like to drive around taking pictures of all the old barns and houses. You will see this a lot in my photography. Okay. Gotta run. Breakfast is ready and then it’s on with the busy, busy day! It’s always go, go, go when I visit TN which is a complete contrast to my Upstate NY life. I enjoy the simplicity of the quiet life of the homestead but it’s nice to see the hustle and bustle of cities when you visit them. Happy New Year! I’ll be back soon with more TN pictures.

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