Sheep Farm Visit

DSC_0042 copyDSC_0051 copyDSC_0058 copyDSC_0059 copyDSC_0080 copyDSC_0097 copyDSC_0114 copyDSC_0187 copyDSC_0197 copyDSC_0213 copyDSC_0219 copyDSC_0222 copy


I have a friend, Gail, who owns a sheep farm, Will-o-Wool Sheep Farm, in Callicoon. I’ve known Gail for a couple of years now. We try to get to her farm as often as possible for some girl time, knitting, eating, and petting sheep. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to her farm so we made a date this past Friday. There was yummy food (homemade chocolate cake and homemade chocolates!), squishy yarn, cuddly sheep, dogs, friends, and a good time. If you’ve checked my ravelry page lately you’ll notice I’ve been knitting with a lot of Gail’s yarn. I made my Conversationalist hat and my first Petoncle hat with her yarn. I also bought some yummy hand spun yarn from her on Friday. She also had some brand new all Finnsheep yarn. I bought some of that too. I’m planning on using the brown Finn yarn plus some other new yarn I just bought to make another Petoncle hat. This time I want the the scallops to all be the same size. More details to come!

And I was rewarded with a nice sunset as I left the sheep farm. It was so pretty that I had to pull over and take pictures from one of the many bridges overlooking the Delaware River.

DSC_0223 copyDSC_0234 copy


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