Crafting. Lots of Crafting.

I’ve been knitting. A lot. As you might recall from this post, I knitted a striped hat, which happens to be my favorite one so far. It’s finished and blocked and just awaiting a pom pom. I’ve also knit 2 other hats using that same pattern. One is as the pattern is written and the other one was modified (the striped hat was a modified version of this pattern). I am loving knitting these hats! The pattern is super easy and it’s fun to watch the progress.

The first hat below is knit with Will-o-Wool yarn as the base and then I used yarn from my stash but the dark blue, green, and purple are all new yarn I just purchased. I had to block the hat rather hard due to the light blue yarn. I’m not sure what yarn it is but it looks like handspun hence the hard blocking. But the hat is completely finished and ready to wear!

The second hat is my conversationalist hat. I think I blogged about it already but didn’t have a good picture of it. It just needs a pom pom. I stink at making poms but a friend lent me her pom maker. I really need to get on that! I also need to make a pom for the striped hat as well.

The third picture is of my first Petoncle I made. I really like it. Again, I think I blogged about it but didn’t have a good picture.

DSC_0024 copyDSC_0027 copyDSC_0030 copy

So I’ve made 4 hats in about 2 weeks and was thinking that I really need to stop spending money on crafts and start using what I have. And what I have a lot of is cross stitch patterns. And not just ANY cross stitch patterns, but Posie cross stitch patterns. Do you know about Posie (Alicia Paulson)? If you don’t, do yourself a favor and go visit her blog: Posie Gets Cozy. I’ve been following Alicia’s blog for years. I love her style and her crafts.  Her photos are wonderful. I just love everything about her. Go visit. You’ll see. Aaannyywaaayyy, the reason I mention all this is because I have at least 4 of her cross stitch patterns and want to order the newest one. And I have at least one ornament kit. That’s a lot of crafting! So I’m switching gears and putting the knitting down (with the exception of my kimono that is still in progress and finishing the poms for the 2 hats mentioned above) and moving on to cross stitch.

As you can hopefully tell from the photos below, the stitches are super cute! I am nervous about starting them though. I’ve been learning to cross stitch and haven’t used linen before. It’s like when you learn to knit and you don’t use ‘fancy’ yarn until you’ve gotten comfortable with knitting. That first time you use all wool or alpaca. Boy! That’s nerve-wracking! Same here. Plus the squares on the linen are so small that my eyes have a hard time seeing them. So there’s that too.

So. I have the 4 patterns below: Love and Joy, First Snow, Spring Ring, and WinterWoods ABCs. I have the kits for Love and Joy and Winterwoods ABCs. I need floss for the other 2 and linen for Spring Ring. I’ve made a list of the floss I need but just need to get to a craft store (which is about 45 minutes away).
DSC_0038 copyDSC_0231 copyDSC_0045 copyDSC_0056 copyDSC_0065 copyDSC_0228 copy

Alicia is releasing her newest cross stitch pattern this spring. The kits are available for preorder but I will buy the pattern and assemble my own kit. Here’s the link to info on the kits. Isn’t it cute?!?!? Don’t you want to make one??? See now why I MUST get these other ones done so I can justify getting this one? I can’t wait to get my supplies purchased and get started working. Here’s her web shop in case you need to order any of her kits and/or patterns. I bet you don’t just buy one! Happy stitching friends!


3 thoughts on “Crafting. Lots of Crafting.

  1. I forgot all about Posie Gets Cozy! I used to read her blog all of the time. I have gotten out of the habit of reading blogs since our move. Her patterns are adorable!
    I am totally envious of your knitting skills if I haven’t mentioned it before (I am pretty sure I have 😉). The problem I have with knitting involves convincing the stitches to stay on the needles instead of all falling off in my lap 😭 Happy crafting!

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    1. I totally fangirl over Posie. I got a refresher course in stitching today and using the linen. I think I’m all set now! YAY! I can finally focus on these wonderful Posie stitches.

      As for knitting….let’s just say I’ve been knitting for about 15 years but only seriously knitting for the last 3 or so. I started knitting with a friend who is a serious knitter and that has helped me tremendously! We used to knit weekly for about 2 or so years (seriously….weekly). I’m now a lot more comfortable with knitting (and hope to be with stitching very soon). Aaaannnyyywaaay, I’m not trying to be too serious here nor am I trying to over use the word serious, even though I have!! Those darn pesky stitches will eventually stay on the needles, I promise and then I’ll be envious of your knitting 😘😉❤️❤️❤️


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