What a week!

Oh boy! What a week last week was indeed! We went from beautiful weather, sitting outside, free ranging the girls to everyone hunkered down inside, snow, wind, and no power for 2 days! So let’s start at the beginning:

The girls got to enjoy lots of time outside at the beginning of last week. It was so glorious. I spent hours outside reading, taking pictures, stitching, getting myself organized and just generally enjoying the views. The girls loved it. Anna Lee got to go outside and chase a ball. She loved it. Why, oh why couldn’t it stay that way?DSC_0007 copyDSC_0009 copyDSC_0043 copyDSC_0045 copyDSC_0052 copy

If you recall, my friend and I had a date for Posie day. We enjoyed that day last week. We ate, drank tea, talked Posie, and she helped me get my stitching straightened out. I was nervous about stitching on the much nicer linen that the Posie patterns call for but I feel really good about it now. I’ll update my progress soon. I love our Posie days!DSC_0080 copyDSC_0094 copyDSC_0135 copyDSC_0137 copy

I took some random photos during the week when it was so nice outside. The Mister has been tying flies like crazy and they make for good photos! DSC_0142 copyDSC_0307 copy

One of my favorite brunch spots opened back up after being closed for vacation. I enjoyed the french toast and a cappuccino. DSC_0332 copy

I couldn’t resist this photo of the cat longingly looking in the back door wanting into the cafe! So cute!DSC_0343 copyDSC_0350 copy

And of course we ended our week with snow. And wind. Lots and lots of crazy wind. And no power. The girls were locked in the coop for 2 days. But there were some good photo ops too! DSC_0187 copyDSC_0217 copy

This week is crazy busy! I have lots to do and am working at both my part time jobs this week. There’s also craft night at the local library. And Master Gardener class this weekend as well. This week we get to attend a MG class on composting so that’s fun! I have some important things to get done as well in between all this other fun stuff. We missed a trip to the City due to the weather and not having power. I’m super bummed about that! But we’ll reschedule that trip soon. I think that’s it. I’ll update you later this week on this week and how it’s going. Oh. I went to Tractor Supply and stocked up on their super cute shirts. I’ll post more about that later as well. I’m just happy to have power and some time this AM to get this blog post done!! We’ll worry about all the other stuff later.

3 thoughts on “What a week!

    1. Here too. We have a storm coming in tonight. It was so nice having that warmer weather. I can’t wait for it to be spring either. I don’t think we have to wait much longer though!!

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