Brooklyn Quilt Show

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I never pass up an opportunity to visit the City. My friend invited me to tag along to the Brooklyn Quilt Show this past Saturday and I couldn’t say no!! This is from the first part of our trip-to the quilt show at Industry City. Brooklyn Flea was also happening at the same time.

I don’t really know what to say about the quilt show, Brooklyn flea, or industry city. I hope my pictures convey how absolutely wonderful the whole thing was! Industry City seems to be a self-contained area for businesses, food stands, and then the exhibition center. Everything was well laid out and very manageable. There was lots of yummy food and the quilt show was stunning. It wasn’t very big (i.e. very manageable space). It was nice.

There were so many food choices too! We ate sandwiches, cookies, drank coffee/tea, and then ended with ice cream.

I’ve shown some of my favorite quilts above plus there were businesses selling their wares. I bought the cute pincushion fella in the very last photo from Fish Museum and Circus. Deborah was THE nicest person and so very talented!

That’s it as far as the quilt show goes. I hope you enjoyed this little peek at part one of my Brooklyn adventures! Part two includes a baby goat at Brooklyn General Store!

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