Brooklyn General Store

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Last Saturday I visited the Brooklyn Quilt Show and after we made an impromptu trip to Brooklyn General Store (after all it’s only about a mile away!). I’ve been to BGS store one other time. It is such a nice store! They sell all things knitting plus some really fun fabrics! They also teach classes on all things homesteading (check out their calendar-they just had classes on using natural dyes AND chicken keeping in the same weekend!).

So we hung out with the fabulous people of BGS for a while and someone mentioned there was a lamb in the back where they were holding the dye workshop! What?!?! A lamb? At a yarn shop? In Brooklyn? Sure enough! Of course I am so totally oblivious to everything I had no idea why there was a lamb there nor who it belonged to until way after the fact. Sometimes I wish I would just get over my fear of looking stupid and just ask questions. So apparently Tammy from Wing & Prayer Farm was hosting the dye workshop and she brought along a bottle baby from her farm. The baby’s name is Aurora and she was one of 4 babies born to the mama ewe! Needless to say, Aurora was rejected. And since she was just 4 days old, I’m assuming that’s why Tammy brought her with her to Brooklyn! That little lamby had no idea what she was in store for!

I know Tammy was in a hurry to wrap up her class, and of course I had no idea what the hubbub was all about, but I wish I’d known. I would love to pick her brain about how she got started and how she makes a living off her farm. I admire people like Tammy so much. That’s what I want to be doing.

So there you have it folks! My trip to Brooklyn pretty much summed up in a few words and lots of pictures. Again, I hope the pictures speak for themselves. It was a lot of fun! Let’s do it again real soon!

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