Catching up….again!

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trying to be artsy by capturing the sunset in the window reflection! 

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Hey! How are you? Me? I’m good. Busy, but good. I’ve been thinking about this space lately and reading up on blogging. And thinking about the homestead and what I’d like to get out of all this. So I’m going to make a few changes. First, I would like to redesign my blog in order to make it more ‘me’ but I don’t have the skills. I also have a new logo that I would like to incorporate into the blog. I’ve been waiting to do a whole big ‘reveal’ at one time but that doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen soon so here’s my logo. I’ll research how to change the colors and then maybe try to incorporate it onto this blog somehow. For now, here’s what we have. I really like it! As for the blog redesign, I can’t afford to pay someone to redesign it for me so if you have any suggestions, please let me know. Maybe I can barter somehow with someone. Or do you have a good tutorial on how to DIY? I’m in the process of teaching myself photoshop so I could possibly watch a good tutorial and figure out how to update the blog. CLB_logo copy

The pics above all kind of represent what I’ve been doing lately. The sunsets have been awesome. I don’t know if they are just more spectacular this time of year or if I just haven’t ever taken the time to notice them (ahem, haven’t spent as much time outside). But they are so lovely, each and every day. Some of them I view from the river, some from the front yard. Not a single one of them are bad. I would love to capture them all but how many sunsets do you all want to see? I guess it’s part of what I’m doing so I’ll share some as we go along.

Speaking of moving along, I think I want to make this space more of a daily living journal. I’ve locked myself into chickens over on social media, but there’s a lot more to what I’m doing than just the chickens. I’m learning to be self-sufficient and learning how to be frugal and trying to homestead while living at a fishing lodge. There’s something to that I think. It’s too bad that I’ve missed a lot of the antics of the early season fishing lodge. That would make for some good stories! We said good-bye to two of our guides this week. The season is slowing down a little so the guides won’t be around as much which means we get some of the house back. I’ll be moving back into the house kitchen after we get back from vacation. We moved the TV back downstairs (we lost our TV room to one of the interns so he could have a private bedroom. Not a big deal but we jammed everything upstairs in our tiny living quarters). It feels good to be able to spread back out again! And as a bonus, I now have a little computer area upstairs in our living quarters so I can really get down to business now!

What else? Oh! I went to a dairy fest a couple of weeks ago and bought one of those cute metal roosters. Mine isn’t pictured. I need to figure out where to put him and then take a picture. For now he’s resting on my computer table keeping me company while I write about chickens and homesteading.

Speaking of being frugal, I’m ready to start really trying to reduce our spending and living with what we have. I have the garden planted as much as I’m going to. I’ll take pictures and do a big post on that when we get back from vacation. I know you’re not supposed to tell people you’re going on vaca but we always have people stay at our house when we’re gone. In this case we live at the fishing lodge where people are always around! Oh. And I’ll post about my mealworm farm too. That’s going really well. We’re molting into beetles now and then it will be egg laying/hatching into mealworms. Then it’s time to start feeding the girls mealworms! YAY! Speaking of girls, I have a post updating you on the chickens scheduled for Monday. Stay tuned.

So, making do with what we have. I don’t have any job prospects right now. I applied for a job two weeks ago and haven’t even received a ‘thank you for applying’ response. So I’m guessing they’re not interested. It’s hard here in Upstate NY to find a library job especially one that I’m qualified for. Being a library director puts you in a place for not being qualified for academic jobs, but makes you over qualified for all the other non-director positions out there. So I’m not sure what I’m going to do for the future. For right now I’m going to continue to keep my eyes open for an opportunity but move forward with the homesteading business.

The nephews are coming for a visit at the end of July and that’s exciting. It will be the first time the two youngest ones have been to NY for a visit. It will be low-key. They all love the outdoors and fishing, hunting, camping, etc. We’ll camp out at the pond and roast marshmallows over a fire. I’m looking forward to it. I’m looking forward to the summer and fall and just doing what makes me happy. I’m feeling better than when I posted here. I’m focusing more on what I want to be doing and how I can make changes for the better and to get me where I want to be. I’ve continued reading Milkweed & Teasel which keeps things in perspective. I haven’t really found any good books lately so I’ve just continued to read her blog again.

What else? I’m looking forward to a couple of days away from the homestead and then getting back to business. I still have to make soap plus process the strawberries into something (post on that soon). And then I have a ton of leftover rolls in the freezer that I need to make into breadcrumbs. I need to move back into the house kitchen plus visit another pick-your-own place for produce for the freezer. I cleaned the car for the first time in a looong time. It’s an older subaru and we were going to trade it in recently but decided to not spend the money right now. I like that. We’re being frugal. But with that comes the need to take better care of the car. It’s our only working vehicle right now and has over 236,000 miles. The AC doesn’t work (electrical issue that we will get fixed soon), it’s dented and scratched. But it’s the first car I ever bought on my own as an adult. I love it. We call it the grocery getter. And it’s schlepped bag after bag of chicken feed, straw, wood, pine shavings, and everything else, so it’s hard to let go of. We’ll give her a new lease on life by taking better care of her for the time being. I just wiped her down and vacuumed her out since it’s cold and rainy today. I’ll really scrub her down soon.

I better run now and pack! I’ll see you all when I get back. There will be lots to share and catch you up on again. I’m scheduling a couple of posts so you won’t be without me completely. Have a great week!

5 thoughts on “Catching up….again!

  1. Wow! So interesting, I have only recently begun to read blogs, AND we have recently became Subaru obsessed…kind of. Lol after buying an outback a couple years ago, my hubby has purchased two 1990s legacy’s to fix up…all because while on vaca in Maine, he noticed 90% of the cars on the road were Subaru. Lol…it’s true!


  2. I can’t wait to hear about the mealworm farm! 😍 Glad all is going well – happy to read the update! And I’m with you on the trying to be frugal thing. We are trying to pare back too, and fall back on our consumerist nature less. It’s a struggle! But a worthy endeavor to be sure. 🤗

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    1. It is so hard to cut back and be more frugal, especially when we are used to 2 incomes and now we’re on one. But I like a challenge! The struggle is totally real. I’ll try to incorporate some of our frugalness into the blog more!

      Liked by 1 person

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