What? A no picture post? I know, I know. But I just haven’t taken any pictures lately and don’t really know what pictures would be appropriate for a post about new routines. We don’t need pictures anyway. Not right now. Right now we can just chat. About routines. You see I’ve been feeling a little adrift with no real goal, insight, focus. I’ve been doing things, homesteading things, and things that I like to do, but there hasn’t been a focus or purpose to doing them, other than filling the pantry and freezers for the winter. Which is important, but hardly a life’s purpose. I’ve been having fun this summer though. Lots of time outside with the chickens and the garden. And lots of time at the pool. It’s all been nice but now that summer is quickly drawing to a close I find myself needing a new routine. One where I can accomplish the mighty to-do list, learn new skills, and make stuff. I have also found myself not really getting ‘ready’ everyday. I mean I shower and all, but I usually wear walking shorts and a tank top. Some days I wear a sports bra all day. Which is fine (and probably TMI) if I am doing things outside all day. But I miss the days of putting on real clothes and doing my hair. And fall is right around the corner, which is my favorite season. So now is a good time to set a new routine that involves getting dressed and accomplishing tasks, goals, and making things.

So the first thing I did was come up with a schedule. I’m treating this like work. What does my workday look like? Start time? End time? And what tasks do I want to accomplish each day? So I decided my work day would be from 8:30-4:30. And then I set a loose schedule based on that:

8:30-9AM: Instagram
9-10AM: Blog
10-11AM: Research
11AM-12PM: Free time
12-12:30PM: Lunch
12:30-2:30: Craft
2:30-4:30: Make

Each of these categories means something specific to me. Research includes researching skills that I need, information that I need, or practicing these methods. Free time includes being able to work on any project. Or just taking a break. Craft includes knitting, dyeing, photography, or general crafting, among other things. And make includes making things which can be anything from making food products (i.e. canning) to making soap to making pictures.

I’m sure you are wondering why I would come up with such a strict schedule. But before you start scratching your head too much, this is just a loose schedule. So far I haven’t really followed it but I have been able to accomplish a lot just by putting pen to paper and saying out loud that I am setting this schedule. And I’ve gotten dressed for two days in a row!

But wait! There’s more. Once I figured out this schedule, I then made a to-do list of the things I would like to accomplish this week. Each week I will make a list. I have 13 things on my list for this week and so far I’ve accomplished 4. Not bad. I still have 3 more days.

The other things that I’ve included in this new routine is getting up early and going for a walk. And making sure I eat 3 meals plus 2 snacks each day. Why plan this? Because I haven’t been eating very well and my body does extremely well with 3 meals and 2 snacks. I’m a grazer. I like smaller meals more frequently throughout the day. I stay fueled this way. And then I don’t get a case of the hangries. And the walking is good for me too. I was in a routine this summer where I was walking a lot and I just felt better, physically and mentally. But then I fell off that wagon during the nephew visits and I want that back. It’s also good for the dog. I take her with me. It’s her time to be off leash and run and play. Until she’s bad and runs away. And I go looking for her only to find her at the front door throwing up because she was so scared (because she ran away). She was better today. I think she misses the routine too. I always take her with me on my walks.

And finally, I made a master to-do list with all the other things I would like to accomplish. That list is mostly made up of crafting projects that are in various states of completeness. But it also has skills I would like to learn and try. Like natural dyeing. I’ve been collecting avocado pits for about a year now. So the plan is each week I’ll add something from that list to the weekly list of things and hope I can squeeze a project in. Or at least work on it. Some of the projects will take longer than others. But I can be working on them rather than having them sit in the basket next to the couch.

So there’s my thoughts on setting a routine. I think it helps to give focus to what I want to be doing and accomplishing. I have the time right now to be doing these things so let’s get busy making, doing, and learning. Are you with me? And just for fun, here’s an appropriate picture that I just found. I think it makes me look pensive, contemplating the future and new routines. What do you think?


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