Book Review: Fat Girl on a Plane


Once upon a time I used to read Young Adult literature. A lot. I loved it. There are so many fantastic YA authors out there. I fell in love. But then other things got in the way and I stopped reading YA. But I have been inspired recently to pick back up where I left off. So I’ve been perusing the YA section on Overdrive. And I’m having fun again!

I ran across Fat Girl on a Plane by Kelly DeVos while perusing the YA section of Overdrive as mentioned above. It ticks a lot of boxes for me on things I like to read about: YA, society, chic lit, and weight issues. I think I can totally relate with the struggles in this book, even though I’m not a teenager. And this book is relatable for teenagers as well. It’s a coming of age story but with a twist. The main character, Cookie Vonn, struggles not only with weight but with being the daughter of a famous supermodel. But Cookie seems so sure of herself after she looses weight. She’s always known who she is: she loves fashion. She designs, and makes, her own clothes. But being overweight has held her back. So much so that she has to buy two tickets for the airplane ride to NYC where she is hopeful her dreams will come true-by interviewing the IT designer and getting into Parsons. But she is thwarted by her (unbeknownst at the time) rival. Ultimately this leads to her changing her life around. She looses weight. A lot of weight. And lands a job ats a fashion blogger that sends her back to NYC to interview the IT fashion design extraordinaire. Yes, that designer. A happenstance encounter in first class leads to Cookie’s deepest dreams coming true-the chance to design her own collection. But things aren’t always as they seem. Cookie’s life takes a different direction that what she ever expected. She leaves her best friend, the one she has been in love with for ages, behind. She leaves everything she’s ever known behind. She’s been waiting for an opportunity like this. But is it worth it? Is being ‘taken’ care of by the IT designer of the moment worth it? She’s given up dreams in order to design her own collection, only to be shoved aside.

Cookie learns a lot about herself in this book. It was an easy read but a little cliche at some points. This book is really about learning who you are and not changing just so you can fit in. There’s also a antagonist in the book, the rival-skinny girl-who has it all but isn’t satisfied-and wants everything Cookie has. I think we can all relate to that. I know I’ve had, and still have, people in my life who aren’t happy with what they have so they try to compete with you. They want what you have because they are so unhappy in their life. Reading this book really shows you the struggle with being happy with who you are, being satisfied with your life, and being able to make peace with those around you. It was an easy read and I would put it on my recommend read list.

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