The River

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Over the past few weeks the Mister and I have been able to get out on the river. A lot. Well, before the river became too high and ‘off colored’ we were out in the boat a lot. We would wait for him to close the shop and then we would put the boat in and enjoy a couple of hours of fishing (him) and relaxing, bird watching, photography, knitting (me).

One issue though was that we were putting in the boat right at dinner time. This was becoming an issue. PB&J’s for dinner every so often was okay but not every night. So we borrowed a camp grill and gave it a try. It worked perfectly!! So much so that we bought our own except we bought one with just the grill, not a grill and burner. We decided that we would do more grilling than cooking and grilling. We got a fantastic deal on Amazon. We also bought metal skewers so there will be less waste. Now we just need another trip on the river so we can put it all to good use before the end of the season!

Being on the river is so cathartic. You’re out in nature, seeing it from a different perspective by being in the boat. You are covering a lot of ‘ground’ so-to-speak. And regardless of whether you are looking to fish, or just along for the boat ride, there’s lots of time to think and talk and just be. I know the Mister and I have a good time when we’re out in the boat. We talk about a lot of things. Some serious. Some not so serious. I get advice from him on things that are weighing me down. He doesn’t let things bother him. I do. So I get his perspective on a situation and also get some insight into his day. It’s nice. And I walk away feeling like I’ve been able to resolve an issue, or at least get some insight into how to resolve it, and sometimes I let things go by the time we’re off the river.

Now, especially now, is a good time to let things go, put things to bed so-to-speak. Fall is a time of letting go. And I’ve really been doing that this fall. I’ve let a lot of things bother me through the years and I am slowly decluttering my mind of negative thoughts, my life of negative people, and letting go of negative experiences. I know I can’t go the rest of my life without negative experiences, but I’m hopeful I can change the way I react to those experiences and people. I think by surrounding ourselves with people that are positive helps us keep a more positive frame of mind. I know how much lighter I feel, literally, when I see someone who makes me happy, has a positive attitude, and is genuinely a happy person.

So much heaviness for a post about fishing!! HA! Well, I hope you are able to do things that make you happy, whatever it is, and surround yourself with people who are a happy and positive force!


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