This and That


Y’all! I’ve been having so much fun lately. I finally found ways to let things go and it has been a game changer. I feel lighter. Freer than I’ve felt in a very long time. I’ve been working these past few weeks to make some serious changes and it’s been working. I’ve had more time to do my homesteading stuff. To spend time with people I love. To spend time at the homestead. I started a knitting group at one of my local libraries. Did I tell you that I have two really wonderful, small town libraries within 15 minutes of me? I work on occasion at the one. And that’s where I get most of my library materials from. The other one has a really fantastic make-and-take program once per month. This month we are making a pumpkin centerpiece made out of 2×4’s and logs. It’s going to be so much fun!

I’ve also been knitting a lot, as I’m sure you are aware! I will do a whole separate post on all things knitting. I bought a yarn swift so now I can wind all my yarn on my own. You can see the results of that up above. It’s also Anna Lee approved. I’m having fun knitting and learning more about knitting. I have a hat that I’m starting today, that I was commissioned to make, that has some new techniques. I’m excited to tackle those new techniques! I also mended some items lately, which is new to me too. And I’m making pompoms, which if you’ve followed along long enough you’ll know is no easy task for me! I’m investing money into my little homesteading and homesteading business so I can be as self sufficient as possible.

I’ve also started baking. A lot! I’ve made 2 batches of cookies and 2 pies this past week alone. I took a pie making class last week. I learned so much about pies. I will post a separate post on that soon. I promised the ladies in class, and the instructor, that I would get a blog post up. I’ll work on that and set a goal of having that done mid-week next week. I really just need to edit pics, but that can take some time to do. But I’ll get on it I promise!

What else? There’s so much to be thankful for as we head into the Holiday season. I have a good job that allows me to invest time and attention into the homesteading business. I like my job. I like the people that I work with. I’m starting to get more and more responsibilities. The other librarians are asking me to help with projects, or to proofread things, or just to help with smaller items. I like it. I keep busy. I help students and community members find the information that they are looking for. It’s nice. And then I leave and come home. I laugh about the silly things that happen during the day. I make pie or knit a hat. It’s fun. And a nice change.

Next up on my agenda is to get to making soap. And rendering lard. I’ll talk more about that in my pie making post. But I’m excited to try new things. Or things that I haven’t tried in a long time. I’m enjoying taking pictures again. I was stuck in a bit of a rut but then I perused Instagram and got a spark back. I do need to learn more about photography. I’ll add it to the list!

I hope you all are enjoying yourselves as well. I think my biggest challenge now is to figure out how to fit blogging into my schedule. It can be a little time consuming-taking pictures and editing them (although I’ve definitely streamlined that process a lot!), uploading pics to my computer (our internet is sloooooowwwww), and then writing about stuff and making sure I include everything I wanted to include. I always walk about after pushing ‘publish’ realizing there were things that I meant to tell you all, or things I meant to say.

Till next time, I hope you are finding things to be thankful for. Tell me what those things are. I want to hear all about the good things happening in your life.

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