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Birthdays are fun, no? Or they should be. They should be a day to celebrate yourself and do the things that you really want to do. Or at least that's how I feel about them. The Mister doesn't like birthdays so I leave him alone about it. I've learned through the years that he really… Continue reading Birthdays

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Mary, Mary Quite Contrary

Mary, Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow? Actually pretty well this year so far! I'm shocked! It's been many years since I've had a proper garden and it's been a long time since I was able to grow a garden successfully in containers. Wait. Let me correct myself. I've never been successful with… Continue reading Mary, Mary Quite Contrary

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It's finally strawberry season! I've been watching with envy over on social media all the people posting about strawberries and trying to be patient for strawberry season to hit upstate NY. And it finally has! There is a pick-your-own place near me where I also bought all our beef and pork this past spring. Plus… Continue reading Strawberries

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Checking in on the Chickens

I'm happy to report the chickens are doing much better than they have been in recent months. Elsie is finally, finally laying again! Little Girl's eggs are harder and she hasn't had a soft egg in weeks. Gertie is my laying champion now! The only one I'm not sure if she is laying again is… Continue reading Checking in on the Chickens

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Catching up….again!

Hey! How are you? Me? I'm good. Busy, but good. I've been thinking about this space lately and reading up on blogging. And thinking about the homestead and what I'd like to get out of all this. So I'm going to make a few changes. First, I would like to redesign my blog in order… Continue reading Catching up….again!

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Wildflowers, or ditch flowers, and other things

We have had some beautiful weather for being outside and just enjoying all that nature has to offer. The chickens have been free ranging. I've been free ranging. There have been several cookouts. There have been lots of fun with good people (which has really helped my mental health). And there have been wildflower walks.… Continue reading Wildflowers, or ditch flowers, and other things

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Thoughts lately

I've been away from here lately for a couple of reasons. First, I've been busy actually doing things and living life. I find it hard to balance actually¬†doing things and then remembering to take pics and actually share them here! So forgive me for my absence because of that. Secondly, I've been fighting a summer… Continue reading Thoughts lately

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Tiffany Lamp Exhibit

I've been meaning to share these pictures from the Tiffany Lamp Exhibit at the New York Historical Society that I visited a few weeks ago (see Part 1). This exhibit was by far the highlight of the day! The lamps are so beautiful. I'm not an overtly Tiffany's fan but you don't have to be… Continue reading Tiffany Lamp Exhibit